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What is the Solutions Showcase?

The Solutions Showcase enables Aras partners to highlight their innovative products and/or services in a more intimate setting.  Through case studies and demos, attendees will get a better idea of what is possible with the Aras platform.
Each partner will have the chance to make their case to be included and several will be afforded the opportunity to participate.
This will not be the traditional booth experience.  
Kiosks will be centrally located within an Aras "ecosystem" onsite so that everyone gets a better idea of the possibilities of the platform.  And you don't have to design booths, choose locations, ship items and track contacts.  You just have to show up and deliver the information!
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What do we mean when we say Own the Lifecycle?

Owning the Lifecycle is about gaining strategic agility. The agility to access and act on product information to achieve digital transformation.  The agility to impact and adjust technology itself, to change and adapt it to whatever may come next.   Our whole purpose in coming together is to understand how to...

Own the connections, Own the processes, Own the future.