Thank you to everyone that attended Aras Connect 2022 in Dallas! We hope you enjoyed networking with your peers and solution experts, exploring "next generation" PLM strategies and how Aras Innovator can accelerate your Digital Transformation initiatives. Below, view the industry leaders presentations sharing their Digital Transformation successes and what Aras has in store for the future:

Executive Update - Resilience: The New Competitive Advantage
Alan Mendel

Today's top of mind for industrial manufacturers is the question: Is your PLM—and your business—able to evolve quickly enough to maintain a competitive edge? ​

Keeping up with the accelerated pace of product complexity is the greatest challenge facing global enterprises today. Making resilience a core element of your strategy is critical; being proactive rather than reactive will lead to success in today's rapidly changing environment. ​

Join Aras VP Business Development Alan Mendel as he shares his perspective on what it means to be resilient and why the ability to upgrade, customize and develop new applications when the need arises is key to building your competitive advantage.

ReadyOne: Digital Thread on Day 1
David Ewing

To answer the call for an easy-to-deploy, cost-effective, and powerful Digital Engineering solution SAIC created ReadyOne. The Award-Winning, ReadyOne comprises two main components: the cloud infrastructure, which includes the servers, application stacks, and automated build processes, and the Digital Thread Platform, which is built with a pre-defined data model with pre-configured tool integrations and business processes.

ReadyOne is an integrated, model-based Digital Thread Platform built to support our DoD customers' collaborative system development, acquisition, and sustainment. Our digital ecosystem delivers digital transformation with end-to-end digital thread, digital twins, and digital sustainment by federating best-in-class tools to provide the best possible capability to the end user.

This presentation demonstrates how ReadyOne is accomplished through a common platform that connects data which is key to configuration management and downstream consumption. In addition, our environment is independent of infrastructure to support all types of customers, supporting cloud-to-cloud or on-premise delivery.


Customer Spotlight - Nidec: Building Applications with Aras
Kamran Aftab

Embarking on a phased implementation of Aras Innovator, Nidec is fulfilling the immediate needs of internal and external stakeholders to simplify their processes by building applications at varying levels of complexity using the tools, objects, and services the Aras platform provides. While the possibilities are limitless as to the complexity of custom applications that can be developed, a minimal application can be developed in as little as 15 minutes. The process of building applications is streamlined in Aras,  making it a simple and straightforward experience to build with Aras. All development is accomplished within the same single interface that users and admins experience. The presentation will show applications with varying complexity that were built at Nidec.

What’s New from Aras
Rob McAveney

By listening to our customers’ needs and understanding business priorities, the Aras roadmap is designed to provide innovative solutions that address our customers’ complex product and system challenges.

Join Aras CTO, Rob McAveney, as he takes you through highlights of recently released and planned capabilities in the Aras portfolio that benefit your business.

Customer Spotlight - Genesys Aerospace : PLM Experiences with Aras
Norma Rainey

Genesys Aerosystems, a Moog Inc. company, whose heritage includes Chelton Flight Systems, Inc., and S-TEC Corporation, has been in business offering the S-TEC line of autopilots for airplanes and helicopters for over 40 years. They also offer highly customizable avionics suites for new factory fit and aftermarket retrofit aircraft utilizing the previously branded Chelton Flight Systems, which include the Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS).  

Genesys is in the beginning stages of the Aras integration process working closely with a dedicated team from Aras which includes both program and technical support.

Drivers for selection:  

  • Aras allows for customization to the specific business needs of their organization.
  • The OOTB features and subscription pricing made the system affordable for a small company to pursue as a solution.  

Genesys currently manages engineering changes in two ways, but working with Aras will allow them to bring it into to one single process that will be used to manage all engineering documentation moving forward.

Getting the most from your Aras Subscription
Sammy Abu-Hamdan

Success isn’t achieved by reaching the “go-live” stage of any software implementation, those that are in the business of developing and implementing enterprise software solutions know that all too well. Moreover, success is measured differently with each implementation and within each organization. Some measure it by the increase of productivity, others by cost reduction, or just simply by achieving objectives that were set when the enterprise solution was acquired. Aras understands that each subscriber is unique, and achieving success requires proper planning and execution of several activities. Subscriber success is a journey that comprises of stages from onboarding to roadmap planning, periodic health checks, business reviews, and upgrades. Customer Success Managers at Aras help subscribers achieve their objectives by planning these activities together and ensuring that they are getting the maximum value of their investment. Join us to learn Aras’ tips and best practices to get the most of your Aras subscription.