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Main Stage Presentations

Own the Lifecycle -
Peter Schroer
What's Ahead:  Aras Product Vision - Rob McAveney
What's New from Aras -
John Sperling
Transforming the Organization - Microsoft
Boris Cononetz and Erika Kline

Break Out Sessions

Modernizing QMS - Fujifilm
Ms. Terumi Hoshino
Razorleaf and MIT Lincoln Lab
Aras Federation Services -
Eli Donahue
Introducing PLM in Undergraduate Curriculum - 
Travis Fuerst
Technical Documentation -
Karsten Lies
Requirements Engineering -
Karsten Lies
Breaking the Shackles of Text-Based Requirements - Pawel Chadzynski
End to End CAD Process -
Raul Rosa
Microsoft Office Connector Andersen Use Case -
Mike Bower
Sherilyn Stalker
Aras Innovator - Component Engineering -
Gary Wilmot
Aras Impresa MRO - Application Overview - Graeme Taylor
What's New in Product Engineering V12 - 
Ayla Snghal
Component Engineering - What's New? -
Craig Currie
Michel Henninot
Manufacturing Process Planning -
Craig Currie
Product Input Session - MES/MRO/MPP
Craig Curie
Graeme Taylor
Aras Innovator as Enabler of Digital Engineering at Sandia Labs -
Steve Denman
Access Control Mechanisms -
Mike Gavlak
Make Sende of your PLM Data Using Graph Navigation -
Rama Asuri
Product Data Exploration Using Query Builder -
Kevin Richard
Discover Aras Technical Documentation -
Kevin Richard