Customer Spotlight - Genesys Aerospace : PLM Experiences with Aras
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Norma Rainey

Genesys Aerosystems, a Moog Inc. company, whose heritage includes Chelton Flight Systems, Inc., and S-TEC Corporation, has been in business offering the S-TEC line of autopilots for airplanes and helicopters for over 40 years. They also offer highly customizable avionics suites for new factory fit and aftermarket retrofit aircraft utilizing the previously branded Chelton Flight Systems, which include the Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS).  

Genesys is in the beginning stages of the Aras integration process working closely with a dedicated team from Aras which includes both program and technical support.

Drivers for selection:  

  • Aras allows for customization to the specific business needs of their organization.
  • The OOTB features and subscription pricing made the system affordable for a small company to pursue as a solution.  

Genesys currently manages engineering changes in two ways, but working with Aras will allow them to bring it into to one single process that will be used to manage all engineering documentation moving forward.

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General Session