How to update your personal schedule and start a live session

How to ask your questions to the Aras experts

How to ask your questions to the Sponsors

Anyone's welcome to watch, but they'll need to register for Aras Digital first. Send them this link to get started:

For watching the "Live Sessions" you need a Internet connection, a screen and some headphones. In addition you have to install the Go-to-webinar launcher. If you are following our webinars regularly, this tool is already installed. If not, do not worry it will installed as soon as you are starting the session and it takes just a few seconds.

For most of the live sessions you have the possibilty to ask directly in the session. If you have questions around the event, Aras or Aras Innovator please use the "Talk to Aras" page.  For questions to the sponsors please visit their pages.

For our sponsors you have the possibility to ask your questions in the Chat or to schedule a meeting with them. For Aras you can also schedule a Demo or ask your questions in the Chat.