Effective Simulation Management enables Systems Thinking: Getting Simulation Out of the Silos
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 11:50 AM - 12:35 PM
Location Name
Effner I
Systems Thinking is a holistic approach to analysis and design, focused on how a system’s constituent parts interact, resulting in emergent behavior that is different from its parts. The focus on interactions and holism is a push-back against the perceived reductionist focus on parts and provides recognition that in complex systems, the interactions among parts is at least as important as the parts themselves. Aras believes that Systems Thinking, in conjunction with the Reductionist approach, is essential for the design of today's complex, multidisciplinary products. We will present our views on why we believe that effective SPDM (simulation process and data management) enables Systems Thinking, and hence, is an essential requirement for the design of modern products. 
Aras is committed to bringing effective SPDM to the Aras Innovator enterprise platform. Enabling simulation results automatically in the product configuration – including variants and options – provides a closed-loop for traceability to reduce physical testing, verify requirements and improve design-space exploration. Aras views better tool chaining and data management of simulation results as foundational to Digital Thread enablement and strategic initiatives such as additive manufacturing, generative design and Digital Twin simulation. In this session, we will present our vision for effective SPDM as part of the enterprise Digital Thread and what you can expect to see in the Simulation Management Application in the coming months.