Creating New Effectivity Scope & Adding Effectivity Variables
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 2:55 PM - 3:50 PM
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Audience: System Administrators and Application Users

Aras Innovator supports the ability to conditionally define effectivity variables for items in a structure. This condition can consist of multiple variables influencing the decision to include or exclude an item in a specific configuration of the structure. The prebuilt Aras Part BOM scope provides commonly used Model, Unit and Date effectivity variables, with an capacity to add other effectivity variables easily.

In this hands-on training session, you learn how to incorporate Effectivity Services into Product Engineering by creating and applying effectivity scope and variants. You will learn how to enter parameter values for effectivity variables and resolve structures by effectivity to generate configured structures. You will use standard Aras platform components: Query Definitions and Tree Grid Views, to manage multiple effectivities on the same Item relationship. You will evaluate Innovator’s Free-Form Boolean expression language (based on the Aras Markup Language) which enables you to easily define restrictions and relationships between Variables.