Communication Through the Engineering Change Process
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 2:20 PM - 3:05 PM
Location Name
Salon J&K

Purpose: Demonstrate a custom utility that configures PLM workflows, assigns tasks, provides status and delivers communications based on business area impact.

Methods: Based on every PLM having a different scope, scale and reach, an automated solution was desired to dynamically create workflows.  Reviewing the as-is manual process with Aras professional services, coupled with their understanding of the automation capabilities in Aras Innovator, a number of approaches were explored and prototyped driving to a final design, all facilitated through the agile methodology.

Results: Significant reduction of manually setting up e-mail communications and assignment of PLM workflow activities which created efficiencies and reduced errors.

Implications: The foundation of an engineering change process is ‘communication’ allowing for impacted business areas to fully understand and prepare for the change.  Automating e-mail notifications and PLM workflow activity owner set up through this utility has reduced the number of miscommunications while freeing up time to facilitate even better communication across people, teams and geographies