Raising the Bar for Product Quality in an age of ever increasing Product Complexity
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 5:15 PM - 6:00 PM
Location Name
Salon H&I

As business increased and our products grew more complex, performing our quality inspections on paper became inefficient and unmanageable. Parata was unable to easily and accurately measure product quality. Paper inspections made reporting on defect data very difficult; inspection forms were often out-of-sync with design changes. More importantly, the teams could not react quickly enough to quality issues in production. The Aras platform allowed Parata to completely overhaul how they gather, track, and manage quality data. Now all of Parata's quality inspections are done in Aras. They have the ability to track defects to individual parts and can report on metrics in real time. After the first year Parata had over a 30% reduction in DPMO (Defects Per Million Opportunities). I will present how Parata replaced a system of paper check sheets with an Aras solution that is manageable, scalable, and ultimately improved the quality of their products.