Expand Your Vision and Leverage the Aras Community
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 4:20 PM - 5:15 PM
Location Name
Salon J&K

This three-session track will show you first-hand how companies in the Aras community have leveraged the resilient platform to build great applications quickly, while preserving scalability and upgradeability. Attendees will get a front row seat to the construction of an application using Aras Innovator along with examples of how companies have used the platform to create new functionality and applications for their business. Learn how Aras’ industrial low-code platform, platform services, and open architecture accelerate development time and reduce costs while mitigating risk to your company. Throughout the sessions, the team will also be demonstrating prototypes of upcoming features designed to enhance the low-code platform experience.

Combining Aras’ low-code features with our platform services forms a powerful combination of tools— eliminating limitations in your innovative developments. To further optimize your development speed, use the power of the Aras Community to enhance your applications with the latest developments in the industry. 

Aras customers have been using the Aras platform to customize and enhance their applications for years.  Session 3 will focus on our community and how they are leveraging the industrial low-code platform with Aras’ platform services to develop their own innovative solutions. The team will implement a third iteration of improvements to our newly built application.  To conclude the session, we will utilize an Aras Community Project with our new application to expand its scope.  These open source applications and packages enhance functionality, add features, or integrate with Aras Innovator.  The applications are provided by any member of the Aras Community in a public forum.