Experiment, Pivot and Fulfill Your Vision
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 2:55 PM - 3:50 PM
Location Name
Salon J&K

This three-session track will show you first-hand how companies in the Aras community have leveraged the resilient platform to build great applications quickly, while preserving scalability and upgradeability. Attendees will get a front row seat to the construction of an application using Aras Innovator along with examples of how companies have used the platform to create new functionality and applications for their business. Learn how Aras’ industrial low-code platform, platform services, and open architecture accelerate development time and reduce costs while mitigating risk to your company. Throughout the sessions, the team will also be demonstrating prototypes of upcoming features designed to enhance the low-code platform experience.

Using a prototype to validate assumptions with your user community, along with the ability to pivot, is critical to realizing the value of your development effort. Being able to collaborate and react to your users will create maximum value to your business.

As part of an innovation process, it is expected that new ideas will be proposed, and additional user stories created, to fine tune the target application. The ability to dynamically evaluate new proposals and identify the best business cases with the highest return on investment (ROI) is critical.  In session 2, we will continue to highlight customer solutions as we build out our custom application. Watch the team add data visualization, content editing, and the ability to respond to user feedback to the MVP built in session 1, to drive incremental value from the application.