Demo: Integrated Requirements Engineering
Date & Time
Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 1:05 PM - 1:50 PM
Location Name
Encanto A
Traditional siloed requirements solutions prevented the management of requirements as an integral part of the product development process and navigation of the underlying digital thread. Aras Requirements Engineering is the next generation of requirement management solutions, built on top of the Aras PLM platform. Basing Requirements Engineering on the Aras Innovator platform, provides the benefit of all the standard PLM services, such as Change and Configuration Management, Versioning, Standardized Workflow, Lifecycle, and Collaboration. This tight integration also addresses one of the biggest weaknesses of the existing stand-alone requirements management solutions, traceability across the product development process, from stakeholder requirements all the way to assets deployed in the field. Requirements Engineering content is also related to other PLM managed design data (mechanical, electronic, or software) that is already managed by the PLM platform, building out the digital thread and providing traceability throughout the product development lifecycle. Please join Karsten Lies, Sr. Solutions Consultant, for this demonstration to learn about the new and exciting Aras Requirements Engineering solution, covering the topics below: - Managing Requirement configurations, changes, etc. utilizing PLM platform capabilities - Reuse and revision control of individual requirements or groups of requirement collections (Requirement Document) - Requirement traceability to/from other Requirements and to/from any elements of a resulting detailed design - Requirement content structuring according to its purpose (classification) - Presenting formatted Requirement content as a single contiguous and editable MS Word-like document of all related Requirements - User permission enforced Requirements content collaboration