Enabling Regulatory Compliance of Computational Modeling and Simulation for the Medical Device Industry
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 3, 2023, 2:20 PM - 3:05 PM
Location Name
Grand Caribbean 4

The medical device industry has traditionally relied on bench testing, animal testing, and clinical trials as the primary sources of evidence for establishing the safety and effectiveness of medical devices with regulators.  A growing dependence on computational modeling and simulation (CM&S) during product development eventually led to the need for frameworks establishing the credibility of models based on this new source of evidence.  The ASME V&V40 standard on “Verification and Validation in Computational Modeling of Medical Devices” is a central element of this transition.  This standard provides a risk-based framework for establishing the credibility requirements of a computational model by guiding users in establishing & assessing the verification, validation, and uncertainty quantification requirements for a computational modeling activity.  However, implementing and then documenting the various credibility requirements and associated credibility activities can be time-consuming and lack traceability, consistency, and security within the organization.

To address these needs, Ansys recently developed a template-based, end-to-end credibility workflow on Ansys Minerva (powered by Aras). This template is a simulation process and data management solution which guides users through the ASME V&V 40 standard procedure in a stepwise fashion. The template tracks all aspects of model development: from identifying credibility requirements to defining simulation work requests to communicating with internal stakeholders. Thus, this end-to-end solution establishes and manages the digital thread for computational modeling data throughout product development which not only benefits the simulation engineers using modeling as part of product development, but also quality and regulatory affairs professionals responsible for managing and reviewing regulatory submission data.

This presentation will review the current framework for using CM&S in regulatory submissions and then provide an overview of the ASME VV40 standard template in Ansys Minerva.