Industry Update: - CIMdata: Best Practices to Achieve your PLM Vision Today & Tomorrow
Date & Time
Tuesday, May 2, 2023, 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM
Location Name
Grand Caribbean 6

CIMdata’s leadership will share the current state and vision of the global PLM industry. Recognized for many years as the best source of comprehensive and accurate insights into the evolution and direction of the PLM industry, a summary of CIMdata’s annual PLM Global Market Analysis will be presented by Stan Przybylinski, with a focus on where the global industry is and where it is heading.

Peter Bilello will share insights on best practices that leading PLM adopters execute to achieve their PLM vision. This will include a specific focus on establishing a continuous improvement mindset to PLM enablement by delivering against business priorities, how change must be embraced for long-term success, and how to avoid deployment burnout and loss of ongoing PLM opportunities. Peter will also present CIMdata’s views on critical emerging trends and challenges (e.g., model-based, AI, PaaS/SaaS enablement, supply chain disruption, and more smart-connectiveness), and their potential impact on participants in today’s increasingly complex and challenging market. Finally, Peter will conclude by describing the keys to successful digital transformation.