3D Visualization
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 3, 2023, 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM
Location Name
Grand Caribbean 12

Audience: Application Users  |  Duration: 45 min

Aras 3D Visualization (3DV) is a business-ready solution for converting and visualizing native 3D computer-aided design (CAD) files in Aras Innovator. Users upload 3D models from a CAD authoring tool into Aras Innovator as native 3D CAD files. The system automatically converts the uploaded native files into Stream Cache Single (SCS), 3D PDF viewable files, and other optional output formats. The users can view, manipulate, manage, and visually collaborate on the 3D models from the viewable files.

Each assembly 3D model contains a complex product structure that consists of multiple parts. The parts are also represented in the 3D models containing a viewable.

  • Learn to navigate the hierarchy of the model browser section
  • Become familiar with the 3DV toolbars for adding markup and navigating through the model
  • Understand the functionality of the model viewing mode
  • Zoom into child parts and make decisions to isolate of hide other components for easier visibility
  • Make selections to view as a wireframe, hide lines, or shade selected surfaces
  • Use the measure toolbar to add dimensions to include with markup
  • Capture markup and engage with visual collaboration and discussion threads
  • Create Saved Views