Partner Solution Presentations

Presentation from SSI (15 minutes)
Taking Control Over Data Complexity in Shipbuilding
The shipbuilding industry faces key challenges (and competitive opportunities) that arise from managing the exceptional scale and complexity of shipbuilding product data. What are the best ways to tackle:
* The frequent change that comes from planning, procurement, and manufacturing activities that are typically in full swing while engineering and design are still in development.
* The increased adoption of robotization on the shop floor and the accurate configuration control of CAM and related product data derived from 3D models these automated processes require.
* The need to maintain a digital thread throughout the shipbuilding design lifecycle to improve design validation, commissioning, and handover efficiency, with increasing client-driven demand for product data enriched digital twins.
The above challenges have made the adoption of PLM a key requirement for future competitiveness in the shipbuilding industry. This presentation will address typical shipbuilding product management use cases and provide an overview of how SSI’s vertical ShipbuildingPLM solution, developed with the Aras Innovator platform, provides a unique opportunity for shipyards to accelerate PLM adoption through an initial foundation of core capabilities that can be expanded to address current and future industry challenges.

vdR Presentation (15 minutes)
A Simplified Approach for Connecting Aras to Enterprise Applications
Join the vdR Group as we explore Nexus for Aras, a single connectivity hub that is highly optimized for integrating Aras Innovator into the enterprise. Nexus for Aras allows Aras Innovator to seamlessly share and receive data, files, and processes with a range of enterprise applications supported with a Nexus Connector. This includes popular ERP, EIM, BIM, PDM and QMS applications. The solution’s architecture takes a different approach than traditional application integrations which dramatically simplifies the implementation process, ensures ease of maintenance, and lowers the overall cost of ownership. The presentation will touch on the following topics:
* What is Nexus * A strategic approach to extending the digital thread
* Robust connectivity through transaction templates
* Demonstration of Aras connected with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, OpenText Content Suite, and Autodesk Vault

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM