Insitu's Agile Approach to Transforming Their Engineering Value Stream

The agile development methodology has been key in Insitu's expansion of our usage of the Aras platform over the last 4 years. By focusing on short term, high value development projects, Insitu's small team of 3 has been able to deploy multiple major features each year, including: development of custom workflows and methods of data segregation; enabling integrations between Aras and our major CAD systems (SolidWorks and Mentor Graphics) and the IHS database (through Aras Component Engineering); and development of an enterprise application and server portfolio management system. Through these continuous improvements, Insitu has been able to significantly reduce turnaround time for both releasing new products and making controlled changes to our mature products, reducing the overhead cost of product design and development.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 11:45 AM - 12:30 PM
Jacqueline Bono