Predict and Simulate the Future with Digital Twins

Even as the means to collect information from assets in the field increases, the ability to manage that information to improve maintenance remains a challenge.  Effective maintenance planning requires context: up-to-date information about every asset, including its latest configuration, current operating conditions, and a view back along its Digital Thread into how it was developed.

Providing this context to the teams responsible for maintenance planning and execution allows them to deliver the right maintenance, at the right time, with the right procedures. Plus, it allows them to get out ahead of potential maintenance events and predict and prevent issues. Without this context, the risks include extended downtime and millions in lost productivity.

In this session, Aras will demonstrate how maintenance organizations can use the Digital Thread and Digital Twin to support advanced maintenance strategies. With Aras, they have a view into each unique Digital Twin Configuration for assets being managed. They can drill into any asset’s operational status to identify upcoming maintenance requirements before possible unplanned downtime occurs. And they can efficiently predict whether maintenance should occur now or be deferred.

Once a repair is planned, Maintenance Personnel will be armed with the right information, including up-to-date configuration and operational data about the asset, a maintenance plan, and the ability to update the asset configuration to reflect the maintenance event.

Join David McDonnell, PLM Solutions Consultant, for this 30-minute live demonstration, to see how maintenance teams can increase productivity and accelerate advanced maintenance strategies using the Aras Platform.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 10:10 AM - 10:45 AM
David McDonnell