Digital Thread: The Key to Transforming Your Future

The concepts of the digital twin and digital thread have been around for decades.  Industry insiders generally agree they should be joined to maximize their value and justify the effort of keeping them current.  Yet the gaps between them seem not to be closing. The specifics of digital twins and digital threads differ widely, but many of their underlying considerations are similar; both are fed by many of the same information flows, especially if they are enabled with a capable PLM platform. Fundamentally, a digital twin without a digital thread is an orphan, disconnected from the decisions and processes that impact it.  Whether the product is a drill bit or an aircraft, its virtual representation will undoubtedly struggle to be complete and up to date without a digital thread.  When information flows between them are synchronized and unimpeded, every business unit gains. Ultimately, the benefit of joining the digital twin to its digital thread is a competitive advantage.  This presentation will make the case for how and why the digital twin and its digital thread are in fact inseparable and key to transforming your organization’s future.

Monday, April 19, 2021, 12:15 PM - 1:00 PM
Peter Bilello