Systems Thinking – Key to a Successful Digital Transformation

According to a Sept 2019 article in Forbes Magazine, “A staggering 70% of digital transformations fail”, and that was before the pandemic slammed the global economy! That equates to over $900 billion worth of spend that will miss the mark.

What is the essential purpose of a digital transformation journey and how can you ensure long term success? How does this journey affect people, data, tools and processes? Where do you start and how can you balance the focus between today’s needs and tomorrow’s exploding technology and product complexities?

A discussion with three industry experts will explore these questions, emphasizing the need to move your “product focus” from managing BOM configurations to a more holistic approach of systems and system management. The panelists will discuss their practical approaches to Systems Thinking and the central roles played by the PLM platform and digital thread, spanning all engineering domains and the entire product lifecycle.

Moderated by Malcolm Panthaki, VP of Analysis Solutions, Strategy Division, Aras

Monday, April 19, 2021, 10:45 AM - 11:15 AM
Denise Fitzgerald Mike Vinarcik Ernesto Mottola