Systems Thinking and Design of Complex Products

The exploding complexity of connected products and systems is a real design challenge for most global enterprises. To better manage the process, enterprises are increasingly relying on initiatives such as digital transformation, MBSE (Model-Based Systems Engineering), simulation, and the creation of a digital thread—to name a few. While each of these initiatives is often discussed on its own merits, there is little discussion of the overall synergy between them or how to manage and optimize the various initiatives from a systems perspective.

In this session, Aras will demonstrate a practical approach to establishing a custom digital thread that can expand and morph with the complexities of the products and systems that it represents, across all the above initiatives. The digital thread provides access to, and connects, data authored in best-of-class tools, and automatically exposes functionality appropriate to the task at hand—while maintaining traceability and the history of changes across the entire lifecycle.

Join Tim Keer, Director North Americas Pre-Sales at Aras, for this 30-minute demonstration, to see how Systems Thinking and making systems models a central part of the digital thread lead to a true optimization of a complex system design process across mechanical, electronic and software disciplines using:

  • The Aras Platform
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Systems Architecture
  • Simulation Management
  • Graph Navigation
  • Product Engineering
  • Technical Documentation
Monday, April 19, 2021, 10:10 AM - 10:45 AM
Tim Keer